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still be open to returning to Seahawks A few Seahawls notes to pass along for Thursday afternoon. The St. Paul Pioneer
Cheap jerseys Press reports that free agent defensive tackle Kevin Williams, who played for Seattle last season, would like to play for the Seahawks again in 2015. But Williams is quoted as saying the team is keeping its options open for now, and would prefer to go with younger, cheaper players. "I want to go back to Seattle, but this is a business,” the 34 year old Williams is quoted as saying. "They’re still evaluating their roster. I guess there’s not that many 12 year veterans that everyone wants. Everyone wants to go younger." As the story notes, Williams made $2 million in 2014 on a one year deal that he didn sign until June 12. The story notes he just visited the Saints the passing of the May 12 free agent deadline should open up some options for players such as Williams but that nothing is close. The signing of Williams last year proved crucial when Brandon Mebane suffered a season ending

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Articles Connexes:

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